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Toxic Mold Trained Course

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What is Toxic Mold Trained?

Toxic Mold Trained, a mold literacy course for practitioners, fills an important gap in today’s practitioner community. 

People are becoming more aware that toxic mold is a problem, but it is incredibly complex to test, remediate and treat.

That’s where Toxic Mold Trained comes in…

Don’t just dabble in toxic mold treatment; know it

Feel confident in helping your people- whether it’s your family or your clients.

This course will be live on 8 Wednesdays in a row, from April 3-May 22, at 9am PT//12pm ET. (Calls will be recorded and you can submit questions and comments ahead of time, so no worries if you can't make them all!)

Who Is Eligible to Take the Course?

This class is designed for practitioners, but you don’t have to be a practitioner to take the course. 

You can also be a mold advocate of any sort, or interested in practicing in the future. That being said, Micki and I are both functional health coaches, so this information is designed for that type of practice.

We will cover: 

  • Client Intake
  • Signs and symptoms in bodies & buildings
  • Co-infections
  • Lab testing
  • Supplement protocols
  • Client emotional support
  • Managing sensitive clients
  • And more. 

We will present this at a high level of nuance and expertise!

Consider this course if you are a:

  • Health Coach
  • Functional MD or DO
  • Mold-Affected
  • Have a mold-affected family member
  • ND
  • ND Student
  • Functional Chiropractor
  • AK practitioner
  • Mold Advocate

At this juncture, we are only officially signed up to provide CE credit for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition providers. 

However, we will provide a certification of completion for 12 hours for all students who attend the full course and complete a brief quiz and survey. 

Refunds are available on a case-by-case basis prior to September 4th.

This class is online and worldwide. We are so excited to host you!

This certificate can be submitted to any licensing body for possible CE.