About Us

Functional Detox Products was started in 2019 by Bridgit Danner, a functional health coach & Chinese medicine practitioner.

This line started with bio-available magnesium, B vitamins, and omega oils to support the liver, brain, and digestive system. It later expanded to include specialty detox products for chronic fatigue and toxic mold exposure.

While running a busy clinic in Portland, Oregon, Bridgit's own health was deteriorating. She turned to paleo eating, lab testing, and more, but her health hit a new low in late 2015. Soon after, she discovered a widespread toxic mold in her home.

This experience shifted her career focus towards education on toxin awareness and detoxification. Her personal story, coupled with a rich training in holistic and functional medicine, created the perfect foundation to help others navigate the complex landscape of chronic illness.

She published The Ultimate Guide to Toxic Mold Recovery: Take Back Your Home, Health & Life in 2022, the first comprehensive guide to toxic mold on the market, covering everything from home testing to body system restoration after toxic mold.