The Toxic Burden in Kids with Greer McGuinness

The Toxic Burden in Kids with Greer McGuinness


How do you know if a kid is dealing with a toxic burden? The symptoms of children with toxic burdens can differ from those experienced by adults, making it more challenging to determine.

Come learn how to know if the kids in your life need a detox--and how do to it safely!

👇👇Some key points from the discussion👇👇

00:48 - What motivated Greer McGuinness to pursue expertise in her field?

02:44 - The regression of autism maybe influenced by exposure to toxic environment

08:29 - How detoxing can aid in enhancing skills of a child

23:51 - What are the impacts of heavy metal exposure on the brain

24:44 - Mold that are commonly found in the kid's gut

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