My Favorite Household Heroes: Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, and Shampoo

My Favorite Household Heroes: Dish Soap, Laundry Detergent, and Shampoo

Today I have a 'lighter' topic for you- solid cleaning products.

There is a big environmental toll when we use liquid detergents, shampoos, etc. 

The weight of these liquids increases fossil fuel demand and the packaging (usually plastic) uses fossil fuels in its manufacture and even in its (hopeful) recycling.

The solution? Solid, concentrated products!

I have found some great products that fit the bill and I've been using them in my home for a while.

Clean dishwasher tabs, laundry sheet, shampoo and conditioner bars are linked in the article.

I find there are always ways I can do better with making little changes in my shopping choices, and I feel really good about these buys!


Non-Toxic Dishwasher Tabs & Laundry Soap

These little wonders have become a staple in my home for a multitude of reasons, with their non-toxic benefits being a standout feature. You can try them out for yourself here:

Unscented, non-toxic laundry detergent sheets >>>

(Go to 'all products' in lower left of page to find dishwasher tabs.)

Here’s a run down why I’ve made the switch: 

Space-saving and Eco-friendly:

One of the first things that drew me to these products was the elimination of bulky liquid and powder detergent containers. They come in compact, cardboard envelope packaging, which not only saves space in my laundry room but also significantly reduces plastic waste.

We all know how important it is to minimize our plastic footprint, and these products make it easy. This is crucial in today's world, where the environmental impact of plastic pollution is a growing concern.

No More Unnecessary Chemicals: 

What sets Earth Breeze apart is their dedication to creating non-toxic, skin-friendly options for everyday household chores.

As someone who values products free of unnecessary chemicals (like optical brighteners, bleach, dyes, parabens, and phthalates), I can attest to the quality of their formulations.

Their products are dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, and come in a fragrance-free option, making them a safe and reliable choice for those with sensitive skin, like myself.

Convenience and Mess-Free Usage:

Practicality is key in my busy life, and these products deliver on that front. The pre-measured dishwasher tabs and laundry sheets mean I never have to guess the right amount for each load, saving me time and preventing waste.

Plus, they are incredibly easy to use and ensure a mess-free laundry and dishwashing experience.

Powerful Cleaning in Compact Form:

Don't let the size fool you; these little tabs and sheets pack a punch when it comes to cleaning. They effectively tackle tough stains and odors, so I never have to worry about my family's clothes or dishes not coming out spotless.

What's even more impressive is their easy-tear design, which allows for spot treatments and pre-treatments, making them a go-to for handling stubborn stains.

Subscription Options for Ease: 

I'm not a big fan of subscriptions personally but I do get my dishwasher tabs and laundry sheets on subscription. Those are two things I will always need!

Making a Positive Impact: 

Beyond their practicality and eco-friendliness, these products have a heartwarming impact on the world. Each purchase follows a "Buy One Give 10" model, which means that for every pack I buy, they donate ten loads of laundry detergent to those in need.

To date, over 100 million loads have been donated, making a real difference in communities worldwide. Moreover, these brands support tree planting and ocean clean-up efforts, removing over 17,000 lbs of plastic from our planet and planting more than 150,000 trees globally.

Laundry sheets >>>


Non-Toxic Shampoo & Body Bars

I recently stumbled upon a game-changing addition to my self-care routine – the body bars by Kitsch. Let me share why this little bar has become a must-have in my daily regimen.

shampoo bars are a better environmental choice

Natural Ingredients for Gentle Care:

Kitsch's commitment to natural ingredients stands out, offering a reliable choice for those prioritizing chemical-free solutions.

    Refreshing Departure from Harsh Chemicals:

    Bid farewell to harsh chemicals in your hair! This shampoo offers a cleansing experience is gentle, effective, and free from unnecessary additives. (I've been really loving the way my hair feels afterward, too!)

      Click here to get 15% off with code BRIDGITDANNER15

      In Summary

      Earth Breeze and Kitsch aren't just products in my home – they're reliable allies in my quest for a non-toxic, straightforward lifestyle.

      They've made a difference for me, and they could do the same for you! 🙂 Check them out below:

      BATH BARS >>> (15% off with code BRIDGITDANNER15)


      DISH TABS >>>

       (Please note:  Kitsch fragrances are all-natural but Earth Breeze's are not. So I only use the unscented versions of Earth Breeze.)


      Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP, is an acupuncturist turned functional health coach and has worked with thousands of clients since 2004.

      She is the founder of and the author of The Ultimate Guide to Toxic Mold Recovery: Take Back Your Home Health & Life, available in audiobook, Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

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