The Three Top Clinical Skills of an Amazing Mold Practitioner

The Three Top Clinical Skills of an Amazing Mold Practitioner

  • Are you a practitioner who is dabbling in toxic mold clients but not yet confident? 
  • Could you practically be a practitioner with all the health knowledge you have?
  • Do you have a ‘PhD in mold the hard way’- from going through it?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are a candidate to become an AMAZING mold practitioner–whether for yourself, your family or your clients!

This is part 3 in a 3-part series on my insights on honing your practitioner skills while treating mold. If you missed these first two, click here for blog one on communication and here for blog two on indoor mold misconceptions.

The Three Top Clinical Skills of an Amazing Mold Practitioner

  • Be just as concerned about their home as their body.

  • As I covered in blog two of this series, nothing blocks healing like a moldy space.

    I’m going to give an example here:

    I had a client who developed such dizziness, fatigue and body rash that she could not work and could barely leave the house.

    This house was…drum roll please…moldy. 

    This wonderful client was well-studied on detox and functional medicine. She brought me a pile of labs and had a big supply of supplements at home. In the session, she wanted to know if she should go ahead and start a protocol and then retest. I said no.

    I said that she would have to completely do these protocols all over again when she moved. She couldn’t really get better now.

    You see, she was planning to build a new home on some land she and her husband owned. These things take time, however, so she planned to stay in the house another two years!! 

    We discussed her basically living in her screened in porch or living with a relative. We also discussed getting into a calm and centered state so she could see creative solutions. I don’t think she was happy with my advice, but I’m all about telling the truth.

  • Be just as concerned about nourishing as detoxing.

  • Detoxing is sexy. It’s IVs and saunas and cool new binders. And I love all these things. 

    Detox techniques were my biggest needle movers to feeling better, especially in the early stages.


    If you were in mold a long time (likely), and also developed other stressors like lyme, EBV, Hashimoto’s, parasites and Candida (likely), you need to nourish body systems.

    • You need to make sure that brain inflammation is going down.
    • You need to stimulate bowel motility.
    • You need to rebuild white blood cell levels.
    • You need to rebuild the microbiome and the mucosal layer.
    • You need to bring up hormone levels.

    These are just a handful of things you may need to do as a practitioner and client. As you can guess, it takes some real clinical skills to test for these things and treat these things. And you have to have the clinical finesse to know when to do what.

    I’m going to toot my own horn here for a sec and share that I practiced traditional Chinese medicine for 13 years and I was busy. 

    In Chinese medicine school I learned to observe the body like a freaking hawk over a field. I learned about how body systems interact and how to prioritize treatment. I learned to create self-care plans and herbal concoctions. And this was all without any labs–just old-fashioned, bad-ass medicine.

    Then I studied functional medicine and went through mold. Like horrible, wet-climate, old-house mold.

    This led me to be really darn good at mixing detox, labs, client love and care, and restoring body systems into one practitioner package. 

    If this is a skill set you’d like to develop, I’m here for you.

  • Be lab savvy.

  • Labs. Whew! When I first started to study them I was intimidated. But they are totally learnable and give you and your client clear direction. Less confusion, less ‘messing around.’

    I love a good diet, exercise and lifestyle plan for the person just starting on a health path. But mold clients are rarely these clients.

    My clients are usually already gluten-free, mindful, sauna-using, water-filtering queens.

    But they don’t know what the F is going on in their bodies. They are bloated despite food restrictions, tired even though they have great diets, etc.

    These folks need labs. At least some labs.

    There are a lot of labs available now, and it’s hard to choose.

    In our upcoming course, we’ll cover our favorites and take your questions.

    Until then, know that labs are learnable. You too will develop your favorites and become an amazing mold practitioner!

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    Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP, is an acupuncturist turned functional health coach and has worked with thousands of clients since 2004.

    She is the founder of and the author of The Ultimate Guide to Toxic Mold Recovery: Take Back Your Home Health & Life, available in audiobook, Kindle and paperback on Amazon.


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